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released February 17, 2017

All songs written by Jack Evans, except for “Anthem,” written by Leonard Cohen

All instruments played by Jack Evans, except for drums on “Trivial Pursuit” and “Life Preserver” by Ethan Copeland and additional guitars on “Life Preserver” by Thomas Young

Produced, mixed and mastered by Ethan Copeland in Knoxville, TN, and Murfreesboro, TN

Thanks Hannah, Ben, Kt, Matty, and Sarah.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Manchego House Music & Art Collective

We're a group of friends based in Tennessee that decided to start a music and arts collective to share our artistic abilities and creations with the world.
Well, this is a Manchego House.

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Track Name: Trivial Pursuit
I stood up too fast
and I saw the static
of your television set
you’d fallen asleep on the remote
and as you snored it changed the channel
to an ancient game show
to reruns of questions, of quizzes
of trivial pursuits, of no answers worth hearing
a syndicated catalog of things I didn’t know
a cathode ray tube sunburn left from basking in its glow

I needed something to settle my stomach
so I trekked to the kitchen
still nursing a headache
which grew in proportion to somewhere near migraine
as I reached into the fridge
to feel around for a cold one
squint against the light
hand hit aluminum
the cognitive dissonance to feel something warm
to glance at the clock, see the eights in formation
that’s what I get, falling asleep during a storm
Track Name: Life Preserver
there’s blood up on the roof and in the gutters
there’s blood in the pipes and on the stairs
there’s spittle in my throat, and it’s keeping me from talking
but I just wanna kiss your hair

there’s wolves in the yard and in the basement
there’s wolves in my sinew and my bones
their baying never stops, and they’re dripping at the jaws
I’ll feed them so they’ll leave you alone

we were south on 37 when we passed that piece of wreckage
lit up like a dried-out Christmas tree
and on the news that night they said that kid would never leave his bed
and you said, “never let that happen to me

oh, tell me you’ll let me drown gently
when I’ve been swept too far out to be saved
shouldn’t live if I can’t thrive, and a life preserver describes
all it’s good for right there in the name”

my grandma got sick, and they put her in a home
and it smelled like disinfectant, death and shit
she smiled still but empty, like a light on a projector screen
for a disintegrating movie strip

so I meant it when I told you I was never gonna let you
watch me torn apart piece by piece
when the wolves get their teeth in, yeah, they really fucking mean it
we’re nothing but bleeding red meat

so please let them take me off gently
for a peaceful meal in their own family home
I couldn’t bear the thought of you standing helpless guard
while they rip the last flesh from my bone